Resistance Training

Resistance or weight training boosts your resting metabolic rate, protects you from type II diabetes and prevents osteoarthritis.


Anti-oxidants are found in spices and herbs, deep colored berries and several tree nuts. Anti-oxidants protect us from free radical damage which is the main culprit in accelerated aging and many age related mental disorders.

Omega-3 Fats

Most modern lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes) are a result of chronic inflammation which is a result of over consumption of Omega-6 fats from vegetable oils which are highly pro-inflammatory. These fats have to be balanced with increased consumption of Omega-3 fats which are anti-inflammatory for protection from these diseases.

Stress reduction

Stress trumps everything when it comes to disease and accelerated aging. Stress increases the production of stress hormones (cortisol) that increases blood sugar, promotes belly fat and increases free radical damage. Stress also inhibits natural killer cell (NKC) activity that is involved in targeting and killing cancer cells. So practicing daily stress reduction techniques (like breathing exercises, meditation etc.) goes a long way in ensuring our health and longevity.

Healthy Carbs

Anti-oxidant rich healthy carbs from vegetables are rich in fiber which is harder to digest and prevents insulin spikes that are the primary culprit in weight gain. Replacing easy to digest carbs from white potatoes, enriched flour, white rice and sugars, with vegetables will help manage our weight.


Thermogenic Shake to Blast Belly Fat

thermogenic shake

Drink this shake every morning to burn excess belly fat. The three main Thermogenic ingredients known to target belly fat are protein, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) found in several nuts. Not only will this shake burn belly fat it will also provide you with many age defying antioxidants and keep hunger at bay so you are less likely to overeat in subsequent meals.


  • One bowl of berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)
  • One tablespoon of cream of coconut (rich source of MCT)
  • One scoop whey protein powder
  • Two teaspoons chia or hemp seeds (rich in heart healthy Omega-3 fats)
  • Two teaspoons almond or walnut butter (rich source of MUFA)
  • Handful kale or spinach or few leaves of mint (optional)
  • Enough water or whole milk for desired consistency


Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until the consistency is smooth. Serve immediately. I like mine topped with some whipped cream…

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Anti-Cancer Superfoods

broccoli and onions

Recent research (published last month) done at the University of Warwick Medical School found two superfood molecules, sulforaphane and quercetin to assist a key signaling protein involved in boosting immunity and antioxidant production in cells. This has wide ranging implications in prevention of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The two superfoods containing these compounds are Broccoli and Onion!

Sulfur containing foods are also essential for the production of Glutathione which is the most potent endogenous antioxidant produced in the human body. Quercetin is a powerful anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agent.

Sulfur containing foods that are a rich source of sulforaphane are vegetables from the Brassicaceae family, namely; cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, collard greens and cauliflower. Quercetin is found in abundance in all peppers, capers, garlic and onions.

So an onion a day might keep the cardiologist and oncologist away (along with a few other people…

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Beyond Weight Gain: Blood Sugar and Premature Aging

age cartoon

The guy in the next cube at your office has a pronounced pot-belly and even though he claims he is only 40 he looks more like a 60 year old with receding hairline dry scalp and crow’s feet around his eyes. His skin seems wrinkled and spotty and every time you watch him climb stairs he is huffing like a 60 year old as he pauses to catch his breath. Sounds familiar? We all have come across a few such people that seem overly ripe for their age.

Are they lying about their age or are they aging faster than they should? The answer lies in AGE which is short for Advanced Glycation End-products.

Many of today’s lifestyle diseases are a result of AGE and in fact normal ageing is also thought to happen due to the formation of AGE[1]. Diabetes is one such example of the direct result of AGE formation in our body.

AGE are formed when excess glucose attaches to either protein or fat. This process is called glycation. These glycated proteins and fats never get eliminated from our system…

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‘Tis The Season For Cakes & Pies


With the holiday season around the corner and with Halloween celebration at workplace I was faced with a few tough choices today.  After a hearty chicken and vegetables lunch I was feeling like a good boy until the cakes and pies were brought to the table. Even though I don’t get any cravings for desserts anymore, the festive mood wanted some part of me to indulge in a slice of cake.  I was faced with a choice of regular frosted cake, pumpkin pie and cheesecake. Knowing the ingredients of each type the most judicious choice was a cheesecake since it’s only got a very thin crust of flour at the bottom while the rest of it is semi sweet cheese concoction of some sort. So I enjoyed a slice of cheese cake.

Later on I looked up the glycemic load of each cake type and found that cheesecake has the lowest GL of 3, which is pretty low in comparison to most other foods. For comparison a 1 oz. serving of whole wheat bread has a GL of 5. Generally speaking a GL of less than 10 is considere…

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5 Fat Burning Foods To Eat Every Day


1)      Avocados: the medium unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) in avocado help your body burn fat especially that stubborn belly fat. Avocado is also a good source of high quality protein so it will give you that extra Thermogenic boost for additional fat burn.


2)      Walnuts: The MUFA in walnuts are also good for belly fat reduction. On top of that they are a rich source of the parent Omega-3 fat (ALA) which helps fight inflammation.


3)      Coconuts or Coconut oil: The short chain fatty acids (SFCA) in coconut oil are easily burned for energy and help your body re-learn how to burn stored body fats. In other words coconut oil helps you become fat adapted. Also Lauric acid in coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal so will help ward of potential infections.


4)      Eggs: Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B12 which is used by the body to metabolize fat.  Also the protein and cholesterol in eggs helps keep us full so we tend to eat fewer calories…

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