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I have been interested in health and nutrition since early on in life. I am a firm believer that health is more than mere absence of disease. It is a vibrant state of equilibrium between the body and mind that defines the true sense of “being alive”. In this state it’s easy to rebound from physical and mental trauma and disease does not find a fertile ground. I believe that most ailments can be cured with simple changes in diet, lifestyle and attitude.

A few years back I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my physician wanted me on statins right away. I refused to give in so I started researching about diet and lifestyle changes to reduce and control cholesterol. After incorporating these changes in my life, I was able to significantly improve my lipid profile. This led to more research into saturated fat and cholesterol metabolism and the more I read the more misconceptions I came across. This prompted me to start writing this blog a few years back to share my research with the readers.

Also being an avid exerciser I was interested in knowing more about all forms of exercise and this let me to the common misconceptions about cardio, weight training and other forms of exercise.

I am a certified Nutritional Therapist and I practice in Pleasanton, CA.



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  1. reina says:

    Hai I am reina from India .kerala.I was about 90+before 4yrs now I am 74. But my lower body should still reduce.I am doing aerobics but now my weight is still can u suggest a good diet.

    • Yogesh Verma says:

      Hi Reina,

      I have been working on a book on weight loss and wellness for the past few years. Finally its complete and published. The book basically dispels the myth that you need to “eat less and exercise more” to lose weight.

      The human body is remarkable in its ability to maintain equilibrium and whenever the balance shifts one way or another the body compensates to bring back balance. You sweat in the summer and the body ramps up thirst to compensate for the lost water. You get too warm in the summer and the body sweats so that evaporation can cool the rising body temperature. The same goes for pH of your blood and the same goes for weight loss. When ever you reduce the amount of calories either by “eating less” or by “exercising more” the body compensates with increased hunger and decreased metabolism to conserve calories such that your weight is maintained. This is why most of us can’t lose weight in the long term by simply reducing the amount of food consumed or by exercising much. The “eat less and exercise more” prescription merely addressed the symptom of weight gain. You can’t fix a problem without fixing the real cause.

      This book shows that the real cause for weight gain is hormonal and metabolic disturbances brought on by our modern diet and the real way (and the only way) to fix this problem is by changing the composition of our diets. Once you do that your body helps you lose weight almost effortlessly. This book shows how you can work with nature and lose weight naturally and effortlessly. No willpower or calorie math is needed and exercise is optional!

      The book has simple and effective tips to lose weight and an extensive list of foods that will help target that stubborn belly fat. So get your copy today and as a bonus you can have a free consultation with me about anything related to weight loss or chronic disease prevention.

      For more information please visit http://www.skinnywithoutwillpower.com

      Many heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support. Without working with real people such as you, this book wouldn’t have been possible. Please let me know about the book and help spread the word around if you like the book.

      Stay happy healthy and blessed.

      Warm regards,
      Yogesh Verma.

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