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Is the war on fat over?

Here is what appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1984 shortly after the USDA pyramid was invented: time cholesterol And here is what appeared on the cover of TIME magazine yesterday: time butter Finally they acknowledged that we have been misled for the past 30 years about saturated fat. About TIME (no pun intended)! Science has been saying this all along that butter and other (grass fed) dairy products are a rich source of vitamin D and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) both of which have heart healthy benefits and anti-cancer properties. Also dairy is a rich source of calcium which lowers blood pressure. Additional…

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Eggs or bread for breakfast?


Most people think that eating a breakfast of low-fat toast or bagel would be better than eating an omelet in terms of weight gain. After all it only makes sense since bread has been at the bottom of our Food Pyramid as the “eat plentiful” food, while whole eggs that are full of saturated fat and cholesterol are at the top of the pyramid in the “avoid” category. Guess what? Science doesn’t say so.

In a recent study published last week (, 156 Obese Chinese adolescents were put on two separate breakfasts. The first group was put on a diet of eggs…

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Ghee: The feared fat or the revered fat!



How often have you heard that eating ghee will raise your cholesterol levels and give you a heart attack? Countless, right? And at the surface it does seem logical that it would do so because ghee has both, saturated fat and cholesterol. In this article I want to explore what research says about Ghee and its relation to blood cholesterol and heart disease. A simple keyword search “clarified butter” on pubmed gives you a handful of relevant literature. Let’s go through them to weed out the facts from hearsay.

There were a few studies done on animal models which reveal the exact…

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Turmeric: Nature’s Healing Spice


Turmeric has long been the staple ingredient of Indian cuisine. Latest research suggests that, Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and also inhibits Nuclear Factor kappa B (NFkB), a chemical that binds to the DNA and is responsible for all stages of cancer initiation and growth.

As a result more than 40 studies have been conducted on animal models that investigated the therapeutic benefits of curcumin on various cancers (colon, lung, liver, breast etc.) and inflammatory diseases of the brain (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.)

Figure 1 shows a…

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Vegetarian Protein

I am often asked the question “what are some good sources of vegetarian protein?” and I am usually at a loss beyond the usual “dairy and eggs” recommendation (pseudo-vegetarian). So I decided to research more about good sources of protein from plant based foods and I was pleasantly surprised!

To recap, protein consists of 21 amino acids that are considered building blocks that form complete protein. Out of the 21, 9 are considered essential since the human body cannot make them and they have to be ingested from dietary sources. All animal sources of protein are considered “complete” since t…

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