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True Life CAD Story

Here is the story of a heart attack survivor. At the end (2:45) of the video he says after his heart attack he was put on a low fat diet in order to reduce his cholesterol. In his own words he went on a diet of “shrubs and trees and grass and everything that didn’t have fat in it” and yet after 6 months on this vegetarian diet his cholesterol went up, yeah UP! His doctors called it an anomaly of his body and put him on cholesterol lowering medication. Is it that his doctors don’t read the latest medical journals or is it more lucrative to put patients on statins? Feel sorry for this guy and ma…

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Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Have Nothing To Do With Your Risk For Developing Heart Disease

Yeah it’s not a typo! You heard it right, saturated fat and cholesterol have nothing to do with your risk of developing heart disease!

In this article I’ll go on to show you examples of how people and even scientists will only believe what they want to believe,no matter how much evidence to the contrary exists. Here is a take on the popular notion that a low-fat diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol will reduce the incidence of CHD and related deaths.

Going through our education we were taught the basic science tenet that if a phenomenon occurs for a given set of conditions and if thos…

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Fat Controversy: How Biased Science Led To The Demonization Of Fat And Fattening Of America

In this article I am going to present the history and (pseudo)science behind the demonization of fat. What I am going to show is how a researcher’s bias can play into the results of a study (or experiment). What followed from the conclusions of that study is the fattening of America (and the rest of the world) and the current state of obesity and heart disease around the world.
Early Work
It all began in 1912 by a Russian military doctor by the name of Nikolai N. Anichkov, who was the pioneer in establishing the role of cholesterol in the formation of plaque in the arteries. His theory state…

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