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What Is The Core

What is the core? I see a lot of people at the gym claim to work out their core when they actually are working out their abs. So what exactly is the core? Simply put, the core is the group of muscles that connects your upper body (head, chest, shoulders, and arms) to your lower body (legs and feet). It consists of the abs, the obliques (the sides of your abs) the lower back, hip flexors and your glutes (butt). The core is a lot more than just a six-pack and its function is a lot more complex than just looking good on the beach. Whenever you lift something off the ground or you throw somethin…

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The Drawbacks Of Conventional Weight Training Split Routines

By now you must have gotten a pretty good idea that I am a proponent of strength or weight or resistance training. Having been doing some form of resistance training since my 20’s I have always been drawn to lifting weights over, say, running on the treadmill (although at one point in my life I was addicted to running). But I have always stuck to conventional methods of training perpetuated by the bodybuilding community.  In the past few years, thanks partly to CrossFit, I got interested in the Olympic style of weight training or functional strength training and realized it was much more…

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