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How To Read a Nutrition Label

What do most people read on a nutrition label? I am guessing the most common information that people read is the total calorie count and the total fat count. That’s why those two items are listed on top of any nutrition label. The first one down after that is the amount of fat that is further broken down into saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. As long as the total calorie count and the amount of fat (breakdown) is within people’s expectations (of what a healthy food is), the food manufacturers assume that people will buy it. How else could you explain the popularity of low fat ‘healthy’…

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From Pyramid To Plate: The New USDA Food Guide

It’s no longer a pyramid! Yes, the new dietary guidelines that came out last week from USDA look more intuitive as they are arranged like a real plate. It’s called MyPlate! I consider it a big step forward for guiding people towards making healthy eating choices. The biggest difference between the old ‘pyramid’ and the new ‘plate’ is that while the old pyramid weighed heavily towards grains, making no distinction between whole and refined grains, the new plate places more importance on fruits and vegetables and recommends half the grain servings come from whole grains. It recommends filli…

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