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Can Happiness Prevent Heart Attacks?


Seems like it can!

There are several causal mechanisms that suggest that happiness would lower ones risk for heart disease. The foremost reason would be that happy people are better able to adapt to life’s stresses. Stress, as we all know, is a big contributor to high blood sugar levels (via cortisol production) and high oxidative stress, both of which cause systemic inflammation which is the number one cause for heart disease (hope you are not one of those that still believes cholesterol is the cause).

I read this article on Bloomberg Business titled “These are The Happiest Countrie…

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The 2 Greatest Myths in Weight Loss


Myth 1: Eating fat will make you fat

It has been known for almost a century now (ever since insulin was discovered) that there can be no weight gain without the master storage hormone insulin. And the number one macronutrient in our diet that increases insulin production is carbohydrate. Protein increases insulin to some extent but fat has no effect on insulin production. So if I go on a diet of 100% butter I’ll lose weight faster than you can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

Without belaboring the history of nutrition politics that led to the formation of the USDA pyramid and the…

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Going Green for Belly-Fat Loss


Everyone these days is becoming eco friendly and going green. So, you ask, what does going green have to do with belly fat loss? In this case I am talking about green tea! The chemical compounds in green tea (catechins) have shown to be anti-inflammatory and Thermogenic (increasing metabolism).

In a double blind controlled clinical trial [1] spanning 12 weeks, 132 obese adult participants with high abdominal obesity (>36 inch) were divided into a control group and a catechins group. Both groups were asked to exercise moderately for at least 180 min/week and keep a constant calorie in…

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Will Disinfecting Our Environment Make Us Healthier?


90% of the cells found in our body are not ours!

We have an ecosystem of microbes that lives inside and on us. The human body has evolved with these friendly microbes for millions of years. In fact we depend on them for survival and optimum health. Each of us have a unique microbiome tailored to our environment and to our body just as we have a unique DNA. Just as DNA damage can cause unwanted mutations in our cells, damage to this microbiome causes unwanted health problems. This is what is happening with “Purell Culture” that is widespread in most developed nations. Excessive concern f…

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You don’t have to be a prisoner of your genes!

Epigenetics (the study of non-hereditary gene modifications) suggests that 95% of chronic diseases are due to nurture (your diet, environment, stress) and only 5% due to nature (your DNA). Studies of identical twins with the same genes have shown that DNA matters very little when it comes to modern disease. So if you think you have a genetic predisposition to diabetes or cancer, think again. Our diets and our environment interact with our DNA to turn on/off specific codes to trigger changes in our bodies (for better or for worse).

So eat…

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