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5 Fat Burning Foods To Eat Every Day


1)      Avocados: the medium unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) in avocado help your body burn fat especially that stubborn belly fat. Avocado is also a good source of high quality protein so it will give you that extra Thermogenic boost for additional fat burn.


2)      Walnuts: The MUFA in walnuts are also good for belly fat reduction. On top of that they are a rich source of the parent Omega-3 fat (ALA) which helps fight inflammation.


3)      Coconuts or Coconut oil: The short chain fatty acids (SFCA) in coconut oil are easily burned for energy and help your body re-learn how t…

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10K Kettlebell Challenge: My Impressions

10K KB Challenge Very few of you might have heard of the 10K kettlebell challenge. It’s basically a one month program to do a cumulative total of 10,000 kettlebell swings. It was started by Dan John of TNation. Some do it for weight loss (more about it later) while some do it for the challenge and some do it because they want to improve their metabolic conditioning. I did it for the challenge and conditioning. Men are advised to use 53lb bell and women should use a 35lb bell. You have the flexibility to choose the reps/day scheme. Some people do 333 swings/day for 30 days. Some do 500 swings/day for 5 days a…

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Is Sugar The New Tobacco?


Everyone who is serious about health should watch this movie.

Finally a movie that acknowledges that simply eating less and exercising more will not solve the obesity epidemic unless we change what we eat. While this movie lays the blame squarely on sugar, I would go a step further and blame all easily digested and processed carbs in our diet. Once these carbs enter our system the body doesn’t distinguish between these carbs and sugar. They all end up as blood sugar and eventually as fat. Not only that, they are addictive and make us hungry…

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Exercise Doesn’t Cause Weight Loss

Eat less exercise more

That’s right, exercise alone won’t cause any weight loss. Exercising for weight loss is akin to sweating for water loss. The human body likes to be in a state of equilibrium (homeostasis) and when you burn calories during exercise, the body wants to regain the lost calories. This stimulates hunger and if you were to follow your “usual” diet and eat till you were satisfied you would have eaten about the same number of extra calories that you burned exercising. No weight loss would occur. This is similar to drinking more water after sweating outside in the summer.

The reason most people s…

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Coffee Before Exercise Will Burn Additional Fat


A study (  published last week in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that drinking a cup of coffee 90 minutes before exercise (60 min biking) burned 60 additional calories plus about 10.5 grams of extra fat compared to exercise alone.  This would mean about 17 grams of extra fat burned per exercise bout. While it may not sound much, over a period of 1 year it would mean an extra 10 pounds of additional fat loss (exercising 5 hours/week) on top of the usual weight loss. Pretty impressive I think. An additional benefit was that caffeine also m…

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