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Size Doesn’t Matter

zuker rat

While size might matter in the bedroom, when it comes to gaining weight, the size of your plate doesn’t matter. Most people believe that they are fat because they overeat and they are lazy. That is because they have been brainwashed by the obesity experts that obesity is a CONSEQUENCE of the double sin of lethargy and gluttony! The real truth is that obesity is the CAUSE of gluttony and lethargy. In other words, YOU ARE LAZY AND YOU OVEREAT BECAUSE YOUR BODY WANTS TO GAIN FAT. Quite the revelation isn’t it?  Here is an interesting experiment to prove that.

The Zucker rat is a special ty…

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Obesity: The Cause or Consequence of Gluttony and Lethargy?

gluttony and lethargy

Obesity is not a result of the double sin of gluttony and lethargy but instead, the cause for gluttony and lethargy. Relying on too many carbs for your daily energy needs converts your body into a fat storage machine. In this case your body doesn’t want to use stored body fat for energy but instead rely on food intake to support daily activities. This makes you hungry and lazy (in the absence of food). So you are not gaining weight because you are overeating and are being lazy. Its because your body wants to gain weight its making you hungry and lazy. Its important to recognize this cause…

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